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kpop has taken over my soul, as has kdramas

My maaains

Infinite. BAP. Jay Park. Runningman. Park Shin Hye.



Let’s keep supporting our boys :)

Jinwoo in the last pic heart byung byung 😍😍😍




how to be lee seunghoon i mean that boy literally was an average yg fanboy like thousands of others but decided he would get into yg or die trying, he moved to seoul into a house near yg building, he went through a talent show, he got into yg, he went…

kwangsoo being extremely helpful for the als ice bucket challenge


P.O x Mino

can you imagine MCountdown backstage though


SY: guys it’s important to not get our hopes up because we have just debuted and we probably won’t win anything, so let’s stay humble and just enjoy the fact that we’re here

M: okay can i go to block b now

SY: *ignores* let’s just smile and thank the fans even if we don’t win, because im sure…

These crazy kids

well. fuck you.

Exactly baldo andweeee when I saw vascos score what a joke seriously


Are Block B and Winner gonna be at Inkigayo and promoting at the same time?!?! SONG MIN HO x ZICO POWER

yeah im excited for this ! inki yeaaah

so much happening in the aia festival video tbh (*sorry for the bad quality, I tried my best with that shitty video)

taehyun omg